We help target and generate leads from Chinese-speaking markets to real estate developers.

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We are Pop-Up Media.
A Vancouver-based award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in real estate marketing towards the Chinese-speaking demographic. We aim to bridge the gap, develop, and strengthen connections between our clients and the ever-growing Chinese audience.

We Listen.

We practice active listening and strive to thoroughly understand our clients and the markets we serve. Our desire to grow and passion for what we do will ensure that our goals are always met and the results are always consistent for our clients.

We Act.

We tailor our strategies to your specific needs & boundaries, whether that be to generate more sales leads or to build a stronger relationship with a specific demographic. We take proactive measures by guiding you and anticipating steps ahead to ensure you’re ready for what’s to come.

We Care.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients, taking the extra time and step needed to go above and beyond your expectations. We do everything with integrity by treating our team and our clients with the utmost respect.



Let's Talk!

Let’s make something awesome togheter

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